How to Find the Best Roommate

How to Find the Best Roommate

The truth is many young adults struggle to afford rent. So they opt for a roommate to divide expenses. Having this kind of leverage can save tons of money all the while working towards a career. Still, there are many reasons as to how this type of living situation can go south. While some people say yes to the first person they interview, Champion Movers recommends staying patient when you’re looking for the best roommate.

Roommate Searching Tips

One of the ways to avoid conflict is to ask friends and family for suggestions. Ask whether they know anyone who is in need of a roommate, or whether they’re interested themselves. If nothing else works, try putting up a listing on Craigslist, newspaper, social media, or a school ad. When you go towards this route, make sure to run all the precautions first. After all, you don’t want to be living with a messy hoarder when you’re a neat-freak.

The following are some ways to find an ideal roommate after moving into your new home.


In desperate situations, it might be easy to say yes to the first person who needs a room. However, we suggest practicing patience when you’re looking for someone. You want financial ease, but you also want compatibility. A good flow of relations between you and your roommate should always be with mutual respect. Without this, you may run into some issues.


When you’re interviewing someone, know everything about them. Take advantage of your time together to ask questions about their living quarters, lifestyle, and other inquiries that might strike your interest. When you run into some red flags, do not dismiss them quickly.


Understand what type of personality your roommate possesses. Do they like to party? Do they work from home? Do they often hang out in the living room? Are they a fan of listening to loud music? What’s their sleeping schedule like? These questions are just examples they should be able to answer. After that, ask yourself the same questions. If your answers are similar, then you might have a match.

Talk Dollars

Even though you have compatibility with your potential roommate, the bottom line is, are they able to pay the rent? If they don’t have a stable income, this might bring some issues to you. Instead of giving you financial ease, they could potentially drive a burden to your wallet. Having said that, make sure that they are responsible with their money.