4 Ways to Prepare Children for a Move

4 Ways to Prepare Children for a Move

Children deserve to make sense of a move. It can already be overwhelming dealing children on top of a big move. But on the bright side, just as a family should be supportive and loving, a move can really bring families together for the better. And as they should!

Whether you’re moving to the next city over or across the country, preparing children for a move is just as important as packing your things. Depending on how young or old your children are, check out Champion Mover’s four tips you can use to prepare them for the move.

4 ways to prepare children for a move

1. Be positive

When your kids see that you’re being positive, they’ll ease up and start to play along whenever they’re ready to do so. Try not to show them that you’re stressed or overwhelmed because that will take a toll on them and they’ll start doubting the move. Focus on the positive and reassure them that everything will be okay.

2. Get them involved

Once you’ve sat down with your child about the moving plans, get them involved in the process. Not only is this a way for them to get excited about the move but it also helps you with packing their portion of belongings. Make the move fun for them by coming up with engaging activities that’ll keep their minds occupied.

Try making a fun calendar and countdown the days together till the big move. You could even provide them markers, stickers, labels, crayons, or paint to decorate their packing boxes. Maybe you could even plan out a new bedroom theme with brand new bedding and wallpapers. Get them excited!

3. Build their familiarity

If your family is moving to a city or area that might not be familiar to your little ones, show them pictures and videos online. Get them familiar with their new schools as well as fun entertainment they have access to like beaches, playgrounds, arcades, movies, water parks, etc.

This way, they can build up their expectations of their new city and can look forward to the exciting things to do. Build their familiarity with the new house as well. Highlight the good things about the home and get them excited about how they want to set up their new room.

4. Celebrate together

Throw a farewell party and invite their best friends. Give your kids the time to spend time with their friends and the opportunities to say goodbye. Although it’ll be tough, be there for them whenever they need comfort and reassurance.

Don’t forget to celebrate in the new home too! Plan movie or game nights to get them settled in. If your family also has traditions you do together, continue to do them or make new traditions. Celebrate as a family as you all embark on a new journey together.