Essentials to Keep Unpacked Until Moving Day

essentials unpacked

During the packing process, it is easy for you to get into that groove of packing non-stop just to finish up a room or to get ahead. While that may be efficient and can help you stay on track to have everything sealed away in a box when move out day arrives, it can also set you back. When a long day of packing has wrapped up for the night, and you go into your bare bathroom, you realize that you packed away all your toiletries in a random box somewhere. Your move out day isn’t for another week, so now you must rummage through boxes to find your essentials. To avoid this setback, we made a list of things that you will need to keep unpacked until the morning of your move.


Moving is stressful, take these precautions to make it easier

  • Bathroom: Essentials such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, brush, deodorant, etc., are all things that should remain out until the morning of your move. This will allow you to do your daily routine before you start the moving process.
  • Kitchen: Leave a few plates, glasses, and utensils out with a few pre-planned meals before you move so you can save money from eating out every night. Plus you’ll need the most important meal of the day!
  • Clothes: Arrange a week’s worth of outfits to save time and stress trying to figure out what to wear for the week and the move. Keep out work clothes, pj’s, and a pair of tennis shoes and flip flops or whatever you think you’ll need for a week without your closet fully stocked.
  • Electronics: We suggest keeping technology like your wifi hooked up until the time the movers come. You may need to send some last minute emails or make some last minute moving changes. Don’t forget to leave your phone charger out, so your phone doesn’t die then you are frantic to find it during the craziness of the move!
  • Cleaning Materials: You want to keep your house looking clean and fresh even as you are walking out the front door for the last time. Put aside some all-purpose cleaner, gloves, a sponge, paper towels and glass cleaner to do last minute touch ups on bathrooms and kitchens!